‘Black Mirror’ Recap: ‘Hang The DJ’ Satirizes Dating In The Digital Age

‘Black Mirror’ Recap: ‘Hang The DJ’ Satirizes Dating In The Digital Age

The “System” is extremely familiar.

Ebony Mirror tackles modern-day dating with “Hang the DJ,” a good satire of Tinder, and an over-all touch upon the loneliness regarding the age that is digital.

Amy and Frank are section of the “System,” A siri-style digital associate that provides soulmates in place of driving instructions. The machine uses device learning how to find a fantastic match that is romantic users, nevertheless the procedure is time intensive and riddled with mistakes.

The System separates them after a mere 12 hours, quickly moving them on to other, less satisfying relationships while Amy and Frank enjoy instant chemistry upon first meeting. As the System is a good example of individuals trusting an software over their gut instinct, it is additionally a good metaphor for dating all together, aside from device intervention.

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Looking for that evasive, perfect partner is a problematic and process that is deeply frustrating. Many of us may find ourselves stuck in a stagnating relationship, not able to muster the power to get rid of things. Other people might shuffle through an endless sequence of flings, having a good time, but generally experiencing empty and unsettled.

Amy and Frank are manipulated into one-night stands and long, loveless relationships because of the System, but always remember just how much they enjoyed those 12 hours invested together. Whilst the System is just a force beyond Amy and Frank’s control, it is no various from the machine most of us work on whenever navigating our love life. Theoretically, you can replace the term “System” with “dating,” and the very first half this episode could be indistinguishable from the rom-com. Continue reading “‘Black Mirror’ Recap: ‘Hang The DJ’ Satirizes Dating In The Digital Age”